Hi guys. Long time, no see. So, how have you guys been?

Obeying the road rules, like we always do up at Mt Donna. (@ Mount Donna Buang)

Photo: Hieu Le

Another night, another hill run up and down Kinglake, bashing VVTL-i and getting the ‘rolla hella dirty. Sick night.

Photo: Hieu Le x Wall Tapped Photography / Motorsports

Chillin’ (literally) the rest of the night away and continuously hitting VVT-i…

Photo: Hieu Le x Wall Tapped Photography / Motorsports

Damn, watching everybody grow certainly isn’t helping me feel better about my age! Celebrating the very first birthday of the nuisance of the family, my nephew, Caiden. And the other nuisance, Tu-My, on her 28th birthday this week. 

Watching Caiden grow on his first year on Earth sure was a ride to remember. From hearing him cry his lungs out every weekend morning at 3am, to being strangled by the other little bugger of a brother, to the blank stares that I always get when I enter the room. I’m sure there’s a lot more memories to come. 

A huge Happy Birthday to Caiden and My, and cheers for the year ahead!

If you want to get out of debt and leave a legacy for your family, study the habits of those who have done the same, and that’s what we have done tonight.

Photo: Vy Ha

Friends… or are they?

Nothing beats the feeling when you’ve got friends who step out of their way to help you out, no matter the situation and no questions asked. I really do appreciate everything you’ve done to me, and I owe you one.

However, those who you’ve known and trusted for an endless amount of years, only to take advantage of you in the end, and to those cunts, I severely hope karma hits you hard.

Rant of the evening.
Calls for beers tonight!